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دستگاه رطوبت سنج شاو – Shaw Water Dew Point Meter-S.A.D.P.R

Shaw Automatic Dewpoint meter model SADP

Accuracy: Typically to +/-1PPM or +/-3 or 4 deg. C DP

Type: SADP Portable hygrometer in stove enamelled zinc plated steel and alloy

case, complete with padded carrying case. For table top or portable use

with dessicant chamber for rapid readings.

Automatic Dewpoint Meter is certified by

ATEX: Intrinsically Safe to II I G Ex ia IIC T6 Ga

FM: Intrinsically Safe Class 1, Division 1, Groups A&B, C, D, T6

Dimensions / Weight: Overall dimensions: 202mm x 225mm x 276mm High (320mm with head


Weight: 4 Kg approx

Display: 12cm Taut Band indicating meter showing Dewpoint and ppm, with

amplified range of 0-10ppm on TR versions.

Sensor Connection: Internal

Power Supply: 9V DC ( 6 C type cells ) Internal

Sampling: Pressure: atmospheric with flow rate of 5 – 10 litres/minute

Outputs: None

Calibration: Autocal on all but Blue range

Accessories / Options: SU4 Lo, Med or Hi Sample system for sample conditioning pressurised

gases to atmospheric conditions and controlled flow.


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